This week Street Team will meet at the club on sheduled days. See calendar and schedule for all available dates.
Thank you in advance for all your hard work.
  1. Transportation will be provided to and from all promotion locations.
  2. Promotions should take two(2) to five(5) hours on each outing
  3. Each promoter will receive $19.00/$20.00 for participation for the day's work.
  4. Each Team Member will be assigned a color for his or her flyers and will receive $1.00/$2.00 for each flyer that is returned to the venue this week.
  5. If you are planning on Joining the Street Team this week, schedule yourself now with this link ->
  6. You must schedule for each day you plan on participating.
  7. Once you've scheduled yourself, we will message you with instructions and keep you updated of any changes are made to the schedule by email.
  8. Each team member must clock In and Out for each shift worked and must submit a Shift Report at the end of each shift.
VIP Snap Card_back.jpg
  • It's each team members responsibility to know and mark each promotions material with his/her assigned colors.
  • A permanent marker or black pen is recommended for marking your assigned color.
  • This is a numbers game. The more flyers and cards you pass out, the higher likelihood your cards will be used by the potential guest. (each card is a discounted coupon)

Available Colors from top to bottom

  1. Blue/White (coming soon)
  2. Yellow/White
  3. Gray/White
  4. Red/White
  5. Green/White
  6. Blue
  7. White
  8. Green
  9. Red
  10. Gray
  11. Yellow

Assigned colors for this week

  • Armijo Ernest = Blue/White
  • Kenneth Sellers = Yellow/White
  • Christian Brockway = Gray/White
  • Grace Hansen = Red/White
  • Joshua Green = Green/White
  • Prophet Brown = Blue