Staff Memo Board

It's each staff member's responsibility to stay up to date of any and all information on the Staff Memo Board.

Last work day for all staff members of FroZEN75 will be June 30th, 2018. We thank you for your time with the company and good luck with all your future goals.

May 2017

**Posted on Feb. 20/2018

  • Just a few reminder: It's mandatory for all team members to post on all social media platform daily.
  • Post information and instructions are in the post page
  • DJs/Producers: If you are scheduled to work on any giving week, you are also expected to join the street team that week to promote to help maximize the turnout for your set night.
  • FroZEN75 Team: If you are not scheduled to promote on street team on a set day but wish to join them, you are always welcome.
  • If there are any paid spots available, you will be able to receive payment for your time.
  • Mandatory training meeting Friday, March 02, 2018 at 6:00 pm. All in attendance will receive 1-hour pay at $9.00 for the hour.

**Posted on Feb. 13/2018

  • On Feb 7 (6 days ago) an email was sent all current staff members -email content->

Please take the time to read over the current information on the staff page and the rest of the FroZEN75 website to better familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.

Some changes are being made in the next few weeks and you will be notified about these changes on the memo page particularly in pay and available positions. <-end email-|

New pay information. This will begin on this next pay eriod and will show on the March, 02, 2018

ASSIGNMENT | A | Administrative | B | Promotions | C | Club / Venue | D | DJ / Producers | E | Security

PASSWORD | A | admin | B | team | C | club | D | club | E | NA

PAY | A | and | B | | C | $8.50 + commission + tip| D | $15.00 + commission | E | $12.00 or contract

Passward will get updated regularly. If you have questions, dont hesatate to ask.

FEB. 2017

Dec. 2017

**Posted on Dec. 11/2017

  • Dj's, we need your headshots asap. All headshots must be taken in front of an all-white background. Send your logs as well.
  • Take the time to look at the new website and give your feedback. I'm very interested to know how the site feels and how the information is presented. If you have any improvement suggestions, I'm looking forward to hearing them.**

**Posted on Dec. 02/2017

  • One-hour mandatory meeting this Saturday, 12/16/2017 at 6:30 pm.**
  • Changes were made to the staff page in efforts streamline things. Look through to familiarize your self with the changes.

Nov. 2017

Nov. 25/2017 One hour mandatory meeting this Saturday, 11/25/2017 at 6:30 pm.

We will schedule one or two people to come in on Saturday for a 4-hour shift. Not enough effort has been made to get people here, so not enough hours available to work. Everyone has to do more; everyone has to do better. Have A Great Thanksgiving weekend with your family.

Oct. 2017

Oct. 22/2017 Affiliate Program For Promotions

Please take the time to sign up for our Affiliate Program to help us track your promotions when you choose to participate.

As an employee or contractor, you are eligible to receive rewards when you submit a guest list, sell tickets/wristbands or have flyers with your marking returned to the venue for promotions done off the property.

Rewards are based on the payout system for Street Team. See Street Team Info on the Staff Page for payout structure.

  • If you miss use this opportunity or attempt to mislead the guest or the venue in anyway, you will immediately be terminated from associations with FroZEN75.
  • If you have any questions, message us through the staff page for assistance.

Oct. 01/2017

  1. 10/08/2017: FroZEN75 updated its employee pay and will start implementingall updated on the next pay period starting Oct. 09/2017
  2. 10/08/2017: FroZEN75 updated its employee created an employee dress code policy and will start implementing starting Oct. 09/2017

Mandatory meeting Saturday, September 2nd at 6:00pm @ FroZEN75. All employees must attend.

Sep. 2017


Aug. 2017

Mandatory Staff meeting Saturday, July 29th, 2017 @ 6:00 pm inside of FroZEN75

Pay: Everyone will receive their pay early this pay period: Payroll for Jun. 19, 2017 – Jul. 2, 2017 Pay Date: Jul. 7, 2017

Jul. 2017

Jun. 2017

A Letter To The Staff

I'm not sure what's going on but I do now this business can not continue to operate in this way. This week, out total payroll, is $986.00 and out of that, $300.00 is to staff on Saturday night at the club yet, I can't get the street team to show up and be effective when you are out promoting. If this is a job, a source of income for whoever is here for that reason then why are you not focused on the biggest part of gaining that income. I'm at a loss for words.

I will change things once again and remove the extra $600 or so dollars from payroll I've been trying to pay out and only staff on Saturdays. Staffing is now entirely based on the number of people who come to the club. If anyone wants more hours, then go out and promote and be effective in doing so. Grow your social media accounts to reach more people.

From this week on, I will only staff Team Member who are actively doing things to help the venue grow, if you're not doing that, then your hurting more than helping and that's something we can do without. If you've already checked your schedule for this week, disregard it completely and check back tomorrow, Wednesday. 06/28/2017 for all new updates and scheduling. NO Position is safe, if this is not for you, please let me know and I will consider the notice your two weeks notice and speak fondly of you if needed for any future employment.

  1. Updates are being made and will be rolled out all month long.
  2. Mandatory meeting this month on Saturday June 24th @ 6:00pm
  • 2017/07/24 Meeting Topics covered:
  • 1. Punching in/out - 
  • 2. Shift Report -
  • 3. Staff Page - Understanding and using the page.
  • 4. Password - The password to the team page is not to be shared with anyone regardless of the situation. If a Team Member needs the password, it's his/her responsibility to ask for it directly. 
  • 5. Promotion - 
  • 6. Street Team - 
  • 7. Pay - 
  • 8. Website -

Jun. 2017

Nothing to report. Keep up the good work, thanks.

May. 2017

  1. Street team will start going out weekly starting the week of 4/24/2017.
  2. If you are interested in joining the street team and are not scheduled, let management know. All unscheduled street team volunteers will be compensated $20 for each outing (4 hours minimum outing).

Apr. 2017

Mar. 2017

  1. Reminder: Always submit your daily staff report at the end of each worked shift.
  2. We are phasing out team member bonus. If you are interested in earning a little extra money promoting then sign up as a 14+ Affiliate. Click here for info.  
  3. Changes are being made to the employee schedule pages, be on the lookout. 
  4. Meeting Saturday March 25st at 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Everyone must attend, and you will be paid for your time. 
  5. New operating hours starting next month. We will go over it during the meeting.

  1. We had a scheduled monthly meeting on Saturday, and the only person who showed was Breana, We just want to say thank you to her for paying attention. Juan did give notice that he had an emergency situation, but for everyone else, this is not acceptable, and you'll need to do better.  
  2. Barnes Mason (11.00)    ///    Meeting@6:30pm NO SHOW
    Kaleiohi Breannah (8.25)    ///    Greater/Bar - Meeting@6:30pm
    MacRae, Mickey (12.00)    ///    Meeting@6:30pm NO SHOW
    Reyes, Juan (15.00)    ///    Meeting@6:30pm NO SHOW
    Sellers. Kenneth (15.00)    ///    Meeting@6:30pm NO SHOW

Feb. 2017

Jan. 2017

  1. Staff member meeting Saturday Feb, 25th at 6:30pm (all staff must attend)
  2. Reminder: Always submit your daily staff report at the end of each worked shift.
  3. We are phasing out of the sign in log at the club and will start requiring all working staff you send an end of shift report at the end of any and all worked shift. Just click and submit a Daily Staff Report at the end of your shift, for each shift worked. 
  4. Meeting Saturday Jan 21st at 6:00pm, see your individual schedule for details.
  5. Starting January 1, 2017 all street team assigned will be for 2 / 4 hours and a flat pay of $25.00 regardless of your normal pay rate.