Basic How To Information

Clocking In And Out At The Venue

How to clock in and out for your shift

  1. On the tablet click on the square app if your screen is not up yet. (See #1)
  2. Your screen is up if it’s an all-white screen with a keypad. (See #2)
  3. Once your screen is up, click on the Clock In/Out button on the top left side of your screen
  4. Now your screen should be blue (See #3)
  5. Tip in your 4-digit pin number
  6. If everything works properly, the clock in indicator will let you know that you’ve clocked in. (See #4)
  7. Repeat these steps to clock out.

Bartenders / Cahiers

  1. You can use the white screen to log in for all transactions on your location tablet, not the tablet at the main entrance. (See #2)
  2. Enter your employee pin on the white screen. (See #2)
  3. Transaction screen will come up. Make your transaction here.
  4. You may need to repeat these steps each time your screen times out.